Knee Exercises

Crab Walk:

  • Bend knees, bottom sticks out to back, back straight
  • Watch toes!!!
  • Side step 10 steps to one side
  • Side step 10 steps to other side
  • Repeat total of 3 times


  • Stand tall, watch toes!!!
  • Cross one foot in front, side step, cross foot behind
  • Repeat sequence 10 times
  • Repeat other direction
  • Total of 3 times


  • Small step to front, toes straight
  • Bend both knees
  • Step back to starting position, stand tall
  • Repeat with other leg
  • Alternate, total of 10 times

Knee Extensions:

  • Lying on back on floor, lower part of legs supported on chair seat
  • Place ball between heels/ankles
  • Inhale
  • Exhale as you tighten belly and straighten knees
  • Inhale with knees straight
  • Exhale as you SLOWLY bend knees to start
  • 10 times
  • Stretch quadriceps, standing, grab ankle and pull heel toward buttock, knee pointing to ground, hold for 20 count

Hamstring Curls:

  • Lying on belly on floor
  • Place ball between heels/ankles
  • Inhale
  • Exhale as you tighten belly and bend knees
  • Inhale with knees bent
  • Exhale as you SLOWLY straighten knees
  • 10 times
  • Stretch hamstring, sitting on edge of chair, knee straight, toes pointed to ceiling, lean forward from hips, hold for count of 20

Knee Stabilization Exercises

Perform these standing on a pillow or cushion:

Single Leg Squats:

  • Stand on one leg
  • Bend knee just until tip of toe still visible
  • Straighten knee
  • 10 times

Tennis Ball Throw:

  • Face wall, leaving a space of approx 10 feet
  • Stand on one leg
  • Throw tennis ball against wall and catch
  • Don’t fall!
  • 10 times
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