Fibromyalgia Exercises

Perform the following standing in front of kitchen counter or with the back of a second, sturdy chair facing you.

Set #1:

  • “High Marches”: One minute
  • Seated Hamstring Stretch: One leg straight, toes to ceiling, heel on floor. Bend forward at hips. Hold for a 20 count, each leg
  • Seated Bicep Curls: 2 small “pumps” of arms (bending at elbows) followed by one full range of elbow bend. 3 sets
  • Seated Mid-Back Stretch: Clasp hands, bring arms to shoulder height, turn palms outward. Bring chin to chest, hold for 20 count.

Rest for 3 minutes

Set #2:

  • “Up on Toes”: Standing, holding onto counter/chair back. 10 times
  • Standing Calf Stretch: Feet staggered, one foot in front of other. Front knee bent, back knee straight. Bring body forward, hold stretch for 20 count, repeat other leg
  • Seated Arms Out to Sides: 2 small “pumps” of arms out to sides followed by lifting up as far as comfortable. 3 sets
  • Seated Chest Stretch: Clasp hands behind back, squeeze shoulder blades together. Tuck in chin. Hold for 20 count

Rest for 3 minutes

Set #3:

  • Side-Stepping: 1 minute
  • Seated Buttock Stretch: Cross one ankle over opposite thigh, bend forward from hips, hold for 20 count. Do same to other side
  • Seated Ceiling Pumps: 2 small “pumps” upward with fists, followed by larger “pump” only as high as comfortable. 3 sets
  • Seated Upper Shoulder Stretch: Sit on hands, bend neck to one side, hold for 20 count, repeat other side

Do this 3 times a week, with at least one day of rest between.

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