Ball Program

Theraband Exercise: ***Purchase new band every 6 months

  • ALTERNATING: From starting position with band in hands, fists toward ceiling. Pull band out to side with one arm while keeping other arm stabilized
  • Keep elbow straight
  • Hold for count of 5
  • SLOWLY return to start
  • 5 times

Heel Lifts:***These will become Foot Lifts when you are strong/stable enough

  • Tighten your TRANSVERSE abdominal muscle by sucking your belly button inward
  • Have arms out at a 45 degree angle from the body, PALMS UP!
  • Alternating, slowly lift and lower each heel in turn
  • Total of 10 times


  • Curve belly into spine, holding slightly flexed position as you “walk” feet toward ball to sit up.

Super Woman:

  • Toes on floor, belly on ball.
  • First, raise arms up over head, then stretch arms out to sides, then clasp hands behind back, squeezing shoulder blades together
  • Lift head and chest up high
  • Hold for count of 5
  • Slowly lower down
  • Total of 5 times

Push-Ups:***Advance these to top of feet/ankles resting on ball

  • Thighs resting on ball, legs elevated off floor and hold together
  • Hands on floor, turned slightly inward
  • Lower forehead toward floor (DO NOT reach neck forward!)
  • Bend elbows out to side
  • Slowly push back up
  • 5 times

Diving-Out: ***Advance this to chest on floor, raising legs upward as high as you can

  • Pelvis resting on ball (MOVE BACK FROM PUSH-UP POSITION)
  • Stretch arms outward, palms resting on floor
  • Keep elbows straight as you let head sink down
  • Hold for count of 5
  • Straighten up again
  • Do 5 times
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