Balance Exercises

Perform the following while holding onto your
Kitchen counter or the back of a sturdy chair.

“Green Foam” refers to the garden kneeling pads
you can purchase at any variety or hardware store!

Side-Steps over Green Foam pad:

  • Step WIDE and SLOWLY to clear the foam pad
  • Do not allow to feet to touch foam
  • 3 minutes total

“Flamingo” on Green Foam:

  • Standing on one leg, holding onto counter/chair (Goal is to hold on with just one finger from OPPOSITE hand; advancing only as your balance improves)
  • Hold for 1 minute
  • Do same with other leg
  • Each leg 3 times

Up-on-Toes, Calf Stretch on Green Foam:

  • Ball of foot on foam, heels on floor
  • Go up onto ball of one foot, as you lower that heel again, raise the other heel, alternating, SLOWLY
  • Do this for 3 minutes total

Step-Ups and Step-Downs on Green Foam:

  • Leading with RIGHT foot followed by LEFT, step up, then down
  • 10 times
  • Leading with LEFT foot followed by RIGHT, step up, then down
  • 10 times

Do these exercises once a day, 3 times a week

***If your balance is EXTREMELY poor, talk to your doctor about seeing a physical therapist to start you with a safe and supervised program.

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